Dr. Maurice Ramirez, D.O., Ph.D., is a Disaster Medicine Specialist and both a retired Public Health Officer and retired Federal Medical Officer. He is also trained as a virologist and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Disaster Medicine.

He will be available for Q&A in the #COVID-19 room in the C&S Slack workspace to answer your questions about COVID-19, virology, and disaster medicine in general.

This is an online, text-only event hosted in the C&S Slack workspace. Join the community at https://codeandsupply.co/chat. A free codeandsupply.co account is required to access it.


Former Senior Physician/Federal Medical Officer, Emergency Room Doctor, Disaster Medicine Specialist, and Bioterrorism/Hazmat expert with clinical and field response experience spanning over 2 decades. Suffering from a rare, progressive, acquired orphan illness since 2009, the symptoms ultimately resulted in Total Permanent Disability necessitating Indefinite Medical Leave from Federal/State service, clinical practice, public speaking, and consulting beginning 29 June 2012. Dr. Ramirez was trained as a virologist by James (Papa) Reeves, Ph.D., the author of the calculations used to create predictive curves for viral infection used today for COVID-19.

On 19 March 2020 Dr. Ramirez became part of a team tasked with reviewing the whole of the evolving peer-reviewed scientific literature on COVID-19 with the goal of identifying potential antiviral treatment regimens for further research and evaluation. As of 31 May 2020, the team had reviewed 105,138 articles using AI/ML and "brute force" review.

It has been the greatest privilege and highest honor to contribute in some small way to the health, safety, and security of this Great Nation, the State of Florida, my community, and every patient who has entrusted their care to me in my short career. I have worked and served with the finest professionals this or any society has yet produced!

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