Tampa Bay DevOps
We are going to try some new activities for this upcoming and exciting meetup.

Ed Gannaway will be talking to us about a Day in the Life of a Modern Mainframe Developer as well as have a trivia game with some great giveaways including a $50 gift card, swag, devopsdays large tshirts, and a few devopsdays collector water bottles.

Then in an after event we will be doing a light version of OpenSpaces at Courtside (right next door) for some deeper targeted discussion. (complements of our sponsor Compuware)

Talk Description:
Are mainframe developers looked at differently than other high-performing developers? We’ll demonstrate how any developer can analyze, edit, build, test, debug, troubleshoot and deploy code on the mainframe with the same agility as other platforms all from one place. During this demo, we’ll highlight key DevOps integrations that mainstream the mainframe, promote cross-team collaboration and support CI/CD pipelines.

Speaker Bio:
Ed Gannaway is an incredibly dynamic speaker and Solution Consultant for Compuware Corporation. Ed works with mainframe customers across North America to implement and improve CI/CD pipelines. Ed gets very excited in front of a crowd.

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