Source: London Continuous Delivery

December 2020 Meetup

Join us for an evening of great discussions.

What's the plan?:
18:00 - Welcome and run through the agenda
18:10 - Talk by Bryan Finster
18:40 - Q&A with Bryan
Short break
19:00 - Open Space
19:30 - Retro and Good Bye

Talk: 'Why Can't We CD' by Bryan Finster

As organizations move to continuous delivery, they will quickly discover that adding tooling will not give them continuous delivery.

We'll be discussing the common problems and good practices to overcome them that give teams the foundations to rapidly improve the flow of value and the business's bottom line.

Bryan Finster has been a software developer since 1996, focusing on developing solutions for complex supply chains.

He currently leads the DevOps Dojo for a large enterprise where he helps teams solve the problems of software supply chain management with continuous delivery.

He is a passionate advocate of DevOps and CD because of the positive impact it has to the bottom line and the lives of developers.

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