In the fourth episode of the DevOps series, we will cover the container registry. Container Registry allows users to manage images throughout the image lifecycle. It provides secure image management, stable image build creation across global regions, and easy image permission management. This service simplifies the creation and maintenance of the image registry and supports image management in multiple regions. Combined with other cloud services such as Container Service, Container Registry provides an optimized solution for using Docker in the cloud. Please find the agenda for this session below.

1. Introduction of ACR/ACR EE

2. Functionality: OCI artifact management, image scanning, image signing, globally image replication…

3. Scenarios: cloud-native delivery chain, secure supply chain

4. Live Demo: CI/CD based on Git

Date: 20 May
Time: 4pm-5pm (JKT)
Speaker: Lishan, Lead solution architect, Alibaba Cloud

A quiz will be provided after the session. Participants who pass the quiz will receive a Clouder certificate provided by Alibaba Cloud.

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