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DevOps Loft Coding Party

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* It is a time for practice.
* We've learned many things recently: Linux, Vagrant, Python, Travis, Docker.
If you would like to practice these topics and/or need assistance with these topics or others, you're welcome to come and we'll try to assist and walk you through.
* In addition our DevOps Loft application (site) is great play ground for practicing DevOps stack.
If you willing to help improving it, want to practice your skills on open-source project, you're welcome to join as well.

First ~45 minutes we will present architecture of our open-source project.
After that we will code and practice.

It is hands-on workshop, *** bring your laptop ***

The meetup will be in Hebrew

* Required preparations (it usually takes 30 minutes. prepare in advance):
1. Install Git
2. Register to GitHub and fork our repo:
3. Clone your fork to your laptop you'll come to the workshop with
4. Download and install Vagrant and VirtualBox

Disclaimer: we might take a few photos during the meetup to post on our social medias.

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Hope to see you all
DevOps Loft team


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