• 5:00 PM - Check in and hang out
• 5:05 PM - Lean Coffee Chat/Presentation
• 5:25 PM - Lean Coffee Chat/Q+A
• 5:55 PM - Wrap up, Next month
• 6:00 PM - Adios!

Maintaining your whole infrastructure using Terraform and reusable modules makes most of our lives easier, but when those less familiar with "DevOps" want to create or update resources, you usually either have to train and enable them to use Terraform, or handle the request yourself. However what if you could offload the execution of those changes to a centralised tool and just review both the code and output being submitted for review? Atlantis or Terraform Cloud can act as a PR-based feedback loop for a hosted Terraform executor to make self-service a little bit easier.

Andrew Kirkpatrick, Developer and DevOps enthusiast. From the middle of England, Andrew built the infrastructure for web applications from pre-VMs through VMWare/Xen/Hyper-V through to AWS and GCP, albeit often haphazardly amidst a variety of automation.

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