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DevOps Vancouver Meetup: June 2020

Agility is the foundation of DevOps - just ask the Agile coaches!

We're looking forward to an exciting June DevOps Vancouver Meetup (our final Meetup before summer) - particularly because of the theme of the evening - "Ask the Agile Coaches". We have seasoned DevOps practitioners Muneeb and Shantanu with us to share their experiences and answer all of your questions (webinar link below).

Here’s the evening’s line-up:

Muneeb Shaukat – “Agile Success Stories across Continents and Domains”

From software research to Agile coaching, Muneeb will share his diverse experience working in Agile environments across a number of continents and in various domains. He'll discuss some of the best practices as well as the anti-patterns. Agile ways of working are often thought of as difficult to implement due to business and financial pressures; Muneeb will share successful case studies while highlighting solid Agile foundations adopted by DevOps teams. He will also share his Agile assessment techniques that give insight into organizational behaviours including how to develop roadmaps to achieve Agile maturity.

With more than 15 years of experience, Muneeb has worked across the globe in industries including the public sector, retail banking, insurance, travel sector, retail and education. He has managed and delivered digital transformations and Agile software solutions while supporting senior stakeholders. Muneeb has led teams both onshore and offshore using Agile and traditional methods to deliver quick wins and quality engagements. He started his career in software research at Bell Labs followed by research at various universities. Later he worked for digital consultancies including Accenture, Deloitte Digital and PwC. He has worked in nearly all roles related to software delivery and has also worked in M&A. Currently Muneeb is an Agile Coach at WorkSafeBC; his role is to enable teams to perform optimally and to promote an environment where business value delivery takes precedence over processes.

Shantanu Mangalvedhekar – “Building and Leading Agile Teams at Scale”

Shantanu is passionate about leading change, Agile innovation and helping DevOps teams to take their organizations to the next level of competitiveness. In his presentation, he will break down the transformation process and provide insight into how to start and how to ensure your transformation is a success. Shantanu will focus on three key areas: first, the importance of building high-performing Agile teams which have a shared vision, diversity of knowledge and skills, mutual trust, and accountability. Second, he will discuss the mindset, skills and goals required of those who successfully lead Agile teams at every level. Third, Shantanu will focus on his experiences scaling Agile teams using the SAFe framework and how to ensure your organization’s transformation is on the right track.

Shantanu is a Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) with extensive experience in Lean-Agile coaching and Agile transformations of large organizations. As both an SPC and a Release Train Engineer (RTE), Shantanu is a change agent who has driven Agile transformations in various sectors including Healthcare, the automobile industry, Manufacturing and HR. Shantanu possesses a unique blend of skills achieved by doing, learning, coaching and teaching Agile approaches and best practices in a broad range of industries, working in various roles including Business Analyst, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer and Enterprise Agile Coach, over the course of 12 years. His consulting and advisory services have required him to work closely with business leadership teams, executives, managers, operations teams and third party vendors - providing authentic examples and recommendations on how to address specific areas of concern in any organization.

Online webinar link:
Please update your attendance if you can't make it, so others who get waitlisted can attend.

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