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DevOps Vancouver Meetup: June 2021

Summer is almost here (finally). Please join us on June 15 to share insights and demos into what inspired DevOps and why you should (not) care about pipelines. Here's the evening's line up:

The Convergence of DevOps: What inspired the DevOps movement, and why should I care? With presenter, Pam Clavier:

DevOps is the culmination of amazing and significant movements and events. Pam explains these, providing context for the DevOps movement and – she hopes – will manage to convince you why you should care.

• Pam Clavier is a 21-year IT veteran. She learned the ropes working at international cross-industry management consulting firms. Over the course of her career, she provided advice as a consultant in various roles, gaining experience across the full SDLC. Currently, she is enjoying working with IT leadership as an Agile DevOps program manager to transform org delivery models. She would love to connect on LinkedIn:

Why we should (not) care about Pipelines!?! With presenters, Said Akram, Kevin Schwantje & Willy Schaub:

Join Said, Kevin and Willy for an insight into their journey to consolidate hundreds of inconsistent continuous delivery pipeline snowflakes into state of the art pipeline-as-code, based on YAML and re-usable templates. The team will share the WHY and the WHAT, with a telltale demonstration, and feedback on the impact on security. They pick-up where Willy left off with the “Common Engineering System at WorkSafeBC“ session, at our Meetup in April 2020.

• Said Akram is a full-stack Software Engineer, context switching between a variety of projects and constantly learning and sharing how to innovate.
• Kevin Schwantje is a Security Engineer and has been working in cybersecurity for the past nine years, attacking and defending everything from networks to virtual machines.
• Willy Schaub is a Cloud Systems Engineer and has a passion to enable engineering with a common engineering system and pursue a healthy DevOps mindset.

Please RSVP quickly! See you on June 15.

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