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DevOps Vancouver Meetup: May 2020

We have another great line-up of speakers and a diverse range of topics at our May DevOps Vancouver Meetup! Webinar link below.

Here’s the evening’s line-up:

Mandasmita (Smita) Singh – “4 Hats of Coaching/Consulting/Mentoring & Teaching in Agile/DevOps”

The business world has become increasingly complex and continues to change. Workers have evolved from industrial to knowledge workers, requiring a fine balance between control and autonomy – one tool or technique cannot be used to drive cultural change, the toolkit needs to include multiple approaches. Smita will share her journey as a change leader and wearer of multiple hats while working with organizations and teams.

Smita is a seasoned Agile Leader, Certified Professional Coach, Scaled Agile Program Consultant, and Senior Scrum Master at WorkSafeBC. She has lived and worked in three countries and for over 20 years, has led and managed several large, complex IT programs and projects in a variety of industries including Finance, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Insurance. Smita loves working with individuals, teams and organizations in their Lean/Agile adoption and transition journey. She knows change is hard and takes time, which is why she meets teams and organizations where they are in their journey, and partners with them in their transformation. Smita is passionate about lifelong learning and looks for opportunities to continuously learn and grow.

Shlomo Bielak – “DevOps Battle Scars - The Human Toll Measured”

Industry is focused on business and technical achievements of DevOps implementations as part of digital transformations. The toll and toil leaves thought-leaders and influencers with memories they want to forget and don't measure. Approaching digital transformation from the human impact perspective was a heavy driver at NCR and resulted in measured metrics that impacted lives. We all have battle scars when pushing for change; development, operations, security, data analytics. These personas have a measurable human impact which is removed/improved yet we forget them, even as a valuable metric. While pain exists, no one discusses it; when it’s solved, it’s forgotten. What are enterprises forgetting to measure? Shlomo will explore how they did so at NCR and beyond.

Shlomo is CTO at Benchmark Corp, a DevOps Institute & Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador. He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background. Shlomo was previously global head of Site Reliability Engineering and Application Security as a CISO for a Fortune 500. He is the creator of Governance Engineering which is published in a white paper on DevGovOps. He’s worked with companies in the container space on case studies showing how corporations can modernize applications using containers and microservices in the cloud, while supporting PCI compliance using CD pipelines. Shlomo speaks at conferences and provides thought-leadership and product management guidance to align with shift-left DevOps culture.

Greg Pepper – “Security at the Speed of DevOps – Advanced Security in the DevOps Lifecycle”

Greg has been an IT professional for 20+ years with expertise in Security, Networking and Cloud Computing. Initially working for Sony Online Entertainment, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Organic, Greg has spent the last 15 years working for Cisco and Check Point, helping customers design, plan and implement secure networks throughout Internet Edge, Campus Backbone, Data Center and Cloud Environments. Currently a Security Architect for Check Point, Greg focuses on Software Defined Data Centers, working with customers and partners to secure Software defined solutions within Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware NSX, Cisco ACI and OpenStack.

Online webinar link:
Please update your attendance if you can't make it, so others who get waitlisted can attend in your place.

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