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DevOps Vancouver Meetup: November 2020

Don't miss our fantastic presenters at the DevOps Vancouver Meetup on November 17 - it's our final Meetup for 2020 as we take a break in December for the holiday season. This will be an interactive event with lots of opportunities for Q&A with our presenters. Here’s the evening’s line-up:

Jason Bellis & Naveen Aggarwal: “Reliability is easy to take for granted: what are SREs and why do you need them?”:

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) Jason Bellis and Naveen Aggarwal will discuss the definitions of Site Reliability Engineering by the industry and the role of SRE in WorkSafeBC DevOps. They’ll provide an insight into “a day in the life of an SRE”, including the common duties of the role and challenges that go along with it. They’ll also discuss the culture of DevOps at WorkSafeBC, including how the team collaborates with various Agile teams through the software development lifecycle.

Jason Bellis began his IT career as a Software Test Engineer with Microsoft, before joining WorkSafeBC in 1999. Starting in QA and Performance Testing, his role expanded into other areas including Software Configuration Management and deployment automation. After leaving WorkSafeBC for a few years, he returned in January 2020 to join the SRE team. More “IT generalist” than software developer, Jason draws on past experiences in networking, infrastructure, and software engineering to apply big-picture analysis to systems engineering problems.

Naveen Aggarwal’s background includes developing collaboration platforms, content management systems and automation solutions. He is well versed in all aspects of the software development life cycle. Over the past 15 years, Naveen has worked in various engineering and architecture roles in many countries. Before joining WorksafeBC as a Site Reliability Engineer in 2019, he was working with Starbucks as a Senior Platform Engineer in the Enterprise Data and Analytic Platform Team, building automation for provisioning on-demand platform for big data solutions on Azure Cloud. He also worked at Microsoft in different roles ranging from Cloud Service Engineer to Azure Technical Lead. Naveen is passionate about troubleshooting applications at scale and distributed systems. During his career he has developed a deep love for sustainable operations, proper observability, using data to drive discussions and make decisions.

Steen Bray: “Agile Architecture”:

How do you embed Architecture and Strategy into an Agile environment? Steen Bray will share his experience in standing up an architecture practice in the middle of an in-flight Digital Transformation Program. He will share the reasons why architecture is still needed in an Agile focused program, what worked for the program and what didn’t. He will also share how everyone kept their sanity in the middle of the chaos!

Steen Bray is a senior TOGAF certified Enterprise, Data, Integration and Solutions Architect with over twenty years of architectural experience across various industries. Steen has been involved in multiple Transformation programs and is passionate about the importance of architecture in the enablement of positive change within an organization. Originally from Kamloops BC, Steen currently resides in Calgary AB.

Please RSVP quickly and update your attendance if you can't make it, so others who get waitlisted can attend.

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