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❤️Marcello Marrocos: Perspectives on Risk

DevOps, for many teams, requires innovation. Innovation leads to changes. Changes requires risk. So, in a DevOps transformation, taking risks is often necessary. Let's explore some aspects of risk and risk
management, such as expertise, challenges, failure anticipation, perspective and the difference between risk and irresponsibility from another point of view.

❤️Ankush Khurana, Empowering Engineers to Own the Security of their Cloud Infrastructure

Software developers build and maintain their cloud infrastructure environments, and they're increasingly responsible for the security and compliance of that infrastructure. Fugue Developer is a free product that provides engineers with tools to visualize cloud environments, detect resource misconfiguration and policy violations, report on compliance, and understand infrastructure change. Ankush Khurana, VP, Solution architecture and customer success at Fugue, will walk through how Fugue Developer works and how cloud engineers can use it to address a variety of cloud security use cases.

• 8:45 - 9:00 - Networking

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