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DevSecOps Leadership Forum

Sonatype, ESL and are pleased to invite you to an afternoon session for leaders in the DevSecOps space.

After the success of our European and American DevSecOps Leadership Forums, we are bringing some exciting DevSecOps thought leadership to Israel!

Join us on Monday 29th June from 15:00 (IST)- - where our speakers will share evolving business, technical and architectural practices.

Talk’s include:

# Roman Ostrovsky, Israel Discount Bank will share what DevSecOps corporate social responsibility looks like in one of Israel's largest banks and the challenges that the team embrace that are not in their daily DevOps job descriptions.

# Having moved from a senior DevOps role at the global conglomerate network provider AT&T, Benny Bustan, Director of DevOps for Attenti will explain how they are increasing the speed of software development sprints to securely push new releases that are helping social distancing GPS tracked monitors. Very timely in the current health status!

# Understand how Dudu Yosef, DevSecOps Team Lead & Architect at eGov is building aligned processes into their DevSecOps model and how they’re integrating changes with their people, tools and technologies whilst maintaining a speed to allow the government to keep innovating!

#Vitaly Unic has experience working in Cellcom, KPMG and Varonis Software and will outline how to implement change and best practices into your organisation, whilst ensuring you are building your software with a focus on security.

Register today -

We hope to see you there!

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