Our meetup group aims to support women interested in technology. We want you to make your mark, and we’re hoping this group will help you on your mission!

The tech industry needs multifaceted individuals who have a diverse set of skills, both technical and social – not just a mug with a tech motto.

Almost everything is connected, from your web pages to home electronics. The intricate web of API and data connections continues to become more and more complex. Contract testing will keep these APIs from breaking unexpectedly, without any manual intervention needed. This makes integration testing and developing new features much easier.

This playground is about how Contract testing can help us develop new features for our services through automated tests using PACT. We will explain how PACT works and do a hands-on workshop creating a pact between two micro services and testing it.

What exactly do we have planned for you?
- You will be given two micro services
- You will write an API test case using PACT between the two micro services

A few things to keep in mind:
- Prior experience with Java will be useful
- As this is a hands-on session, please remember to bring your laptop.
- Food and drinks will be provided

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