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Distroless Docker Images

We hope everyone is doing well as we approach the holiday season. Please join the DockerNYC and Kubernetes and Cloud Native New York Meetups as we host our second virtual and last overall Meetup for 2020 (that will include a raffle!)

Talk #1 Summary:

Distroless Docker Images: The How and Why Securing a Docker image does not just stop at securing the software you put into it.

What about the base image security issues? How can we reduce potential attack vectors, so you end up with a more secure, and scanner friendly, container image? In this talk, Arturo Aparicio will show how you can build Distroless Docker images, and why it makes sense to use them.

Speaker Bio

Arturo Aparicio (a.k.a Art) is a Product Manager at JFrog, the database of DevOps. On a day to day, he works with organizations, large and small, to hear their DevOps struggles and help provide solutions. Art is an automation fan and believes anything that can be automated, should be automated. To this end, he has created many open source tools to help both customers and the open-source community at large.

Talk #2

Speaker Bio

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