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Docker Community All-Hands #3

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We will be using the Tulula video platform for the event - we recommend that you use Firefox and Chrome for Desktop for an optimal experience

We’re excited to announce that our next Community All-Hands will be on Thursday September 16th, 2021. This quarterly event is a unique opportunity for Docker staff and the broader Docker community to come together for live company updates, product updates, demos, community shout-outs and Q&A.


8am - 9am PT (5pm - 6pm CET)

Live panel and Q&A with Docker CEO, CTO, VP of Engineering and Sr. Director of Product (hosted by Peter Mckee)
Product update on Compose V2 (Steph Rifai)
Live Demo : Dev Environments (Guillaume Tardif)
Community Awards (William Quiviger)

9am - 10am PT (6pm - 7pm CET)

Live Developer Panel # 1 - Docker for Java, Javascript, Python and Go (hosted by Francesco Ciulla)
Overview of the Secure Supply Chain Landscape (Brendon Mitch)
Attack of the Killer Whales (Simon Arronson)
Live Panel about Docker Adoption in Brazil (Lucas Santos) - session in Portuguese
Mejorando nuestros Dockerfiles utilizando Heredoc (Manuel Morejon) - session in Spanish
Table Ronde sur l'évolution des abonnements Docker et de Docker Desktop (Aurélie Vache & Rachid Zarouali) - session in French
Introduction to Docker by Ajeet Singh Raina (Ajeet Singh Raina) - session in Hindi
Compose and Kubernetes (Michael Irwin)
Developers in Databases Getting Docker (Julie Lerman)
Debugging your Huge Container Images (Mike Irwin)
Live panel discussion (Marcos Nils, Javier Ramirez and Manuel Morejon) - session in Spanish
Running containers effortlessly on AWS apprunner (Rohan Mangal) - session in Hindi
Dockerfile Do and Do Nots (Melissa MacKay)

10am -11am PT (7pm - 8pm CET)

Live Developer Panel #2 - Getting Started with Containerization for Java, Javascript, Python and Go developers (hosted by Francesco Ciulla)
Maintaining a Local Registry Mirror (Brendon Mitch)
Best practices for Python developers using Docker (Carol Valencia) - session in Portuguese
5 Exciting IoT projects using Docker and Edge (Ajeet Singh Raina) - session in Hindi
Containerized Deployments for your SPA and API (Rob Rich)
Twisting The Containers For Fun & Profit: Breaking The Container Boundary (Adhokshaj Mishra) - session in Hindi

NB : You can view the full program once you have registered on the event website.

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