Join our in-person event in Tel Aviv Israel with Shay Erlichmen, Technical Director at DoiT, and Tal Shapsa, Partner Sales Engineer at Google Cloud as they explore the Google Cloud Console and its unique features.

We will help you scale and reduce manual processes within infrastructure automation. Not just the simple stuff, but complex tasks like provisioning, configuring, deploying, and decommissioning. There are several tools out there to execute Infrastructure creation, deployment, management tasks. By leveraging the right software, one can automate the entire infrastructure with less human involvement.

Shay Erlichmen our Technical Director at DoiT International, will target how you can increase your agility, scale your operations and regain control and visibility into your infrastructure.

At this meetup you will learn:
- Why it is important to have your infrastructure as code
- How to get started with infrastructure automation
- How you can bring your engineers to do "devops" (and like it)
- About tools, like Pulumi, that enable you to get up and running quickly and how to integrate them into your existing CI/CD systems.

** Green passport required to enter the building.**


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