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EARN IT Act: Under his eye

As we navigate the uncertainties of a pandemic, senators have quietly been working to pass a bill that could have disastrous impacts on our security, privacy, and free speech as we currently know it.


Alison is the founder of Women in Tech PGH + president of Women of Sex Tech. She is a recent cybersecurity master’s graduate from GWU as well as a recipient of the (ISC)2 Center for Cyber Safety and Education award, Bitch 50 Science & Technology acknowledgment, and The Incline's 2019 class of Who's Next in shaping Pittsburgh's technology scene. She has been featured in VICE, WIRED, New York Post, Women of Silicon Valley, and invited to speak at SXSW, Google, LinuxFest, and more.

Alison also spoke at C&S' Abstractions conference in 2019:

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