Light fare food and soft drinks will be provided courtesy of Hitachi!


Learn how the requirements team at Hitachi Rail STS in Pittsburgh breaks down work for development teams. Hitachi Rail STS started their journey three years ago to change how they worked from a large batch waterfall process to a lean team-based iterative approach. The introduction of the Product Owner role has been pivotal in transforming our System Engineering approach to enable teams to work in small batches. You'll hear the story directly from the Product Owner team and what this change means for our software engineers

Why is this important to the team?

· Discovering issues early (failing faster)

· Improving quality because smaller batches enable focused attention vs. big-batch reviews and validation efforts

· Enabling more frequent true-ups with stakeholders, which results in valuable adjustments to implementation and/or prioritization

Maria, Samantha, Andrew, and Nick to present.


Another event, Startup Drinks, is happening downstairs at SYN, the restaurant under C&S during the meetup. SUDPgh is run by another organization that is a stalwart supporter of C&S and its mission. We expect more than 200 people in the area between the two events so parking in the area may be limited. We encourage you to use public transportation, ridesharing, bike-sharing, or other means of transportation in order to preserve parking spots for people whose only mode of transport is an automobile.

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