This month we'll be doing a four lightning talks from community members on topics related to DevOps, then discussing in breakout sessions.

As we finalize the lightning talks, we will update this event with who/what will be presented.

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6pm - Welcome/intro
6:15 - 4 Lightning Talks on DevOps-related Topics
6:35 - Breakout Sessions
7:05 - Congregate for Group Summaries
7:30 - Wrap-up

Speaker Lineup

Thomas McGonagle: Cloud Engineer at Homesite will share his experience for creating a Community of Enthusiasts (CoE) for the sharing of best practices and principles throughout the engineering teams. Primarily leveraging Google’s Cloud CoE guide -

Brice Rising DevOps engineer at Algorand will demonstrate/explain a website + api running on k8s using dynamodb with dns, automatic https, an api gateway, autoscaling and log aggregation, then show how you can run all of that exclusively on your laptop with the same set of automation. I’ll need to work on timing but I’m expecting it to mostly be a demo with links to git repos and docs

Don Luchini is a Boston-based DevOps engineer specializing in infrastructure management and deployment automation pipelines. His talk “Office hours: Silo prevention for 2020” is a case study on how the SimpliSafe team had to pivot during COVID to ensure a continuous high level of knowledge sharing btw teams during the pandemic.

Laura Stone: Engineering Manager at Klaviyo will speak about Onboarding new SRE team members in a virtual COVID World.

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