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From a Side Hustle to a Startup [Swish Analytics]

Whether it’s lack of funding or resources – leaving a paying job to run your side hustle can be a very difficult decision. Will it work? Is now the right time? Taking the risk can lead to huge rewards, but the idea of going “all-in” puts many entrepreneurs pause on.

Corey Beaumont, Co-founder at Swish Analytics – a sports betting & analytics startup, put it all out on the table in 2014 when he, and his co-founders, quit their day jobs to focus 100% on their startup. Faced with uncertainty and technical challenges, they were able to pool resources and gain enough traction to score millions in seed and venture funds.

Now with 40 employees, Corey shares how they turned their side hustle into a revenue-generating business working with some of the top sporting companies and leagues in the world like MLB, NFL, Sportsbooks, and the Sacramento Kings. He’ll discuss the sacrifices they made, the opportunities available once they quit – like the Dodgers Accelerator and AWS Activate, and the recommended entrepreneurial steps to move from moonlighting to all-in.

Corey will also answer questions on making your first hires, building a brand, managing the early technical debt, and the nuances of running sports startup along with the future of global sports betting.

Networking and drinks to follow.

Doors open @ 6PM for early networking.

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