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Modern System & Application Development on AWS and the AWS Activate program for portfolio startups by Boaz Ziniman from AWS and Meir Gabay from

Modern System and Application Development, using Microservices, Containers and Serverless, allows you to build and run simpler and more efficient applications, while improving your agility and saving costs. The ability to deploy your applications faster, using CI/CD, run it without the need for provisioning or managing servers and design your teams to support it, opens new opportunities to build better services, designed for the cloud era.

In this session, we will learn how to move to Microservices, adopt new operations models with Containers and Serverless and design product delivery pipelines to improve your products. We will dive deep into a use case that was done in a heavy regulated industry by We’ll explain what led to choose a serverless architecture and cover security practices adopted and a high level design of a real life Serverless architecture.

Boaz is a Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. He helps to increase awareness of AWS cloud services and to help AWS customers understand the benefits that taking advantage of the cloud can deliver. Boaz has many years of experience with web development & operations, architecture, IT management and cloud.

Prior to joining AWS, Boaz worked with a variety of leading Israeli startups, managing development and operations teams, and leading cloud adoption and partnerships with major cloud vendors.
Meir is an experienced DevOps engineer and a certified AWS solutions architect. With knowledge in web development, both server-side and front-end.
Meir is a DevOps consultant at it, Meir worked at NICE. Meir has vast experience with teaching complicated subjects and making them simple and clear.

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