Source: Denver DevOps Meetup

GitOps Hands-On Workshop

Presented by Leigh Capili

Are you interested in getting actual hands-on experience with GitOps? Now is your chance!

Leigh Capili, Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks, will walk you through all of the steps of this self-paced hands-on ( so that you can do it yourself! During the walk-through, he'll describe the tenets of GitOps with Flux and the Kubernetes-based canary deployment with Weave Flagger (an example of "Progressive Delivery").

This demo will be done on EKS and will use eksctl and Prometheus as well.

Don't miss this great opportunity to try GitOps in action!

About Leigh:
Leigh is a Kubernetes Contributor and works in Developer Experience with Weaveworks. ☸️ He authored kubeadm's etcd mTLS implementation and is currently working toward k8s component standards and cluster addons. Previously, he's designed functional state-stores for data-centers, built platforms, and worked to change the way the world experiences music at places like DIRECTV, AT&T, and Beatport.
Leigh is mostly concerned about helping people. He has spoken previously at KubeCon, DockerCon, PuppetConf, and DevOpsDays Rockies and has a heart for building community and sowing into others. Leigh lives in Denver with his future wife, enjoys snowboarding, and has a 60lb dog named Pepsi. 🐶

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