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Hands-On with GCP Cloud Build

Feb 28, 2019 - DevOps Playground London
Hands-On with GCP Cloud Build

The Speaker: James Forbes - https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-forbes-8aab9594/

During this Playground we are going to explore the fundamentals of a CI/CD pipeline using CloudBuild.

We’re going to create a basic build config file, that defines the steps and parameters that are needed for Cloud Build to perform your tasks.

We’ll also look at:

How to store container artefacts in container Registry and non-container artefacts in cloud storage using the build configs.
ways to speed up your builds using Cloud Build, such as using cached docker images or creating leaner containers.
how to use substitutions in your build config file to substitute specific variables at runtime.
and how you can specify the order in which your build steps are executed.

Useful Things to have:

· CI/CD principles

· Basic knowledge of GCP

- Food and drinks will be provided
- As this is a hands-on, please remember to bring your laptop
- Doors open for networking/beers 18:30
- Playground starts at 19:00

Hope to see our regulars plus some new faces!


The DevOps Playground Team.

DevOps Playground London

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