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Hands-on with Terraform Cloud

Terraform — the powerful and popular tool for provisioning your infrastructure — has hit the cloud!

In this hands-on meetup, we will explore Terraform Cloud. This component of the Terraform ecosystem removes the chicken-and-egg problem of how to manage the infrastructure used to manage your infrastructure! HashiCorp continually offers more and more formerly-Enterprise features for free, such as Terraform Cloud's Remote State and later Remote Runs.

In the hands-on part of the meet-up, we will see how to set up a simple (pre-made) Terraform project on Terraform Cloud and deploy it — without the need to install the Terraform binary!

Once this initial setup is done, we will launch into building a simple but powerful CI/CD pipeline by harvesting native features of Terraform Cloud and GitHub only!

We will see how Terraform Cloud can provide feedback on a Pull Request in GitHub, maintain strong consistency between our infrastructure code and our deployed environments, and — for good measure — how to set up GitHub Actions.

We will then test our setup by submitting a few Pull Requests and see our pipeline either highlight issues before they hit Production, or seamlessly deploy the tested code to Production with confidence.

Please make sure that you do/have the following before the meetup:
– a account;
– your public key set up on your GitHub account;
– Git installed on your laptop;
– an account on

If you have issues with any of the above, we will try to help you out.
(Please make sure you are able to access your email.)

A few things to keep in mind:

- Food and drinks will be provided
- Doors open for networking/refreshments 18:30
- Playground starts at 19:00

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