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Prodops hosting for a showcase on auto scaling and load testing infrastructure in the AWS cloud.

Live on YouTube.
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14:30 -14:35 - Welcome
14:35 -14:50 - is discussing the challenges of “growing” startups in terms of infrastructure.
14:50 - 15:15 -Binah presenting the use case - By Udi Ben Senior VP R&D at
15:15 -15:30 - Q&A

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with the world’s growing population, impose new challenges on healthcare systems. By 2030 there will be a global shortage of over 15M medical professionals. The new reality in the post-pandemic era, is the need for a readily available contactless solution.
With the evolution of telemedicine technologies, a virtual face-to-face visit with a medical provider to the farthest-reaching populations, is easier than ever. However, with that ability comes the need for reliable medical devices to be nearby for those long-distance visits. This is how Binah’s contactless vital signs mobile app helps enable physicians to offer better medical treatment, remotely.

Speaker - Meir Gabay - DevOps Engineer at

Meir is an experienced automation engineer and certified AWS solutions architect who understands both the server-side and front-end of web development. Meir often speaks at meetups and enjoys writing blog posts ( His strength is that he can be thrown into any ocean and will manage to swim. When Meir is not helping customers, you'll find him studying and writing about new technologies.

Speaker - Udi Ben Senior- VP R&D,

Udi is a trained professional in managing teams, with leading roles at Intel and TwistBioScience, a founder of two companies, instructor, lecturer, tech leader, and a software architect at heart and soul.
With a consistent track record of driving dramatic improvements in the team's productivity, quality and software development methodologies, Udi knows how to harness people for delivering extraordinary and outstanding solutions.

About Binah: - Extending Healthcare Services and Wellness to Everyone, Everywhere. provides AI-powered, video-based health and wellness monitoring solutions that deliver on the promise of digital healthcare services extended to everyone, everywhere, empowering users with an accessible tool for healthcare and personal wellness. The vision is a world where access to telemedicine levels the playing field, facilitating remote healthcare in new locations, and giving healthcare professionals a smart tool to make data-driven decisions in any situation.

By using a camera-equipped device, end-users can measure heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, mental stress and soon, blood pressure.

About Prodops :
ProdOps helps global enterprises, startups and SMBs to build automated solutions for cloud infrastructure. The ProdOps team designs and implements solutions that are resilient to attacks, self-healing, robust and scalable to serve any amount of requests while quickly responding to changes in requirements.

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