The meetup is organised by Prodops by DoiT, a team of software operations architects who consult on infrastructure automation and workflow improvement.

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When Engineering Software Lab was developing their own app (an Outlook Extension for they set out to find a developer-centric tool to help them ensure their code was free of vulnerabilities. What they found was ShiftLeft, which not only helped them secure their code, but allowed them to easily and confidently inject security into their devops environment.
Join ESL's Yossi Turgeman and ShiftLeft's Prabhu Subramanian as they discuss ESL's experience during a live demonstration of a modern SAST tool -That works seemly from your CI/CD platform with a click of a button and can scan Python, JavaScript, Go. Terraform and other languages. Helping you getting a better knowledge of software security vulnerabilities, secretes leaked into production and coding insights.

Yossi Turgeman @ESL and Prabhu Subramanian @ShiftLeft

Prabhu BIO:
As the Creator of AppThreat platform and Lead Solution Architect at ShiftLeft Inc, Prabhu Subramanian has a unique understanding of the world of DevSecOps - from building DevSecOps products to implementing DevSecOps processes and workflows for clients large and small.

Yossi BIO:
Yossi Turgeman is a veteran in the open source governance field.
Working with different tools and companies since 2012.
Helping making sure their open 3rd party code is secure and in compliance license wise.
Today Yossi is in ESL , a company which provides its customers with an ecosystem of software development, devops and security tools.

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