Building a software startup is a careful balance of change and caution - and really there's just two primary modes of operation: move fast and break things or test everything. Founders have been forced into choosing one or another when really they should be looking at the spectrum of options in balancing testing risk vs. the rewards of delivering faster.

Dan Widing, CEO of ProdPerfect - an analytics-driven QA startup, shares how they're leveraging services like Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, along with others, to analyze and mitigate the risks at each layer of their technical architecture. Using his own early-stage startup as an example, he’ll cover how he moved from MVP to $2 Million in annual recurring revenue by testing one known blast radius at intervals and showing how those radii have changed over time.

From data engineering to web app deployment to test infrastructure, Dan outlines the potential challenges and provides insights on how, if built correctly, startups can mitigate the risks of major regressions introduced by development or devops.

Networking and drinks to follow.

Doors open @ 6PM for early networking.

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