Source: Toronto Enterprise DevOps User Group

Integrating Continuous Monitoring into Continuous Deployment

"We deploy multiple times per day" is a new badge of honor at companies across the world. But what you don’t often hear about are the problems caused by moving so fast as a result of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). As more companies adopt this rapid release approach, they’re learning that some unique problems come along with the continuous change generated by CI/CD:
** rapid introduction of performance problems and errors
** rapid introduction of new endpoints causing monitoring issues
** lengthy root cause analysis as the number of services expand

As DevOps team shift to a continuous deployment model, manual monitoring is just not enough. Manual monitoring slows down your deployment pipeline and increases the risk of performance problems propagating in production. Monitoring must be automated in the same way integration, testing, and deployment have become automated.

Automated continuous monitoring will keep your continuous deployment pipelines flowing smoothly and efficiently. You’ll be able to deploy faster with confidence; confidence that you will know immediately if a performance regression has been introduced; confidence that your full infrastructure and application stack is monitored; confidence that you’ll be able to quickly resolve any incidents that arise over time. Continuous monitoring is an integral part of safe deployments and DevOps pipelines.

In this session, we will cover how to integrate continuous monitoring into your pipelines to ensure that
** there are no active blocking bugs before starting the release
** monitoring system reports a healthy application before starting the next stage of the release
** incidents reported from the customers are resolved before starting the next stage of the release
** and much more...

As always food arrives at 5:30 pm presentation begins at 6 pm. The elevators are locked after 6 pm so please call (905)[masked] if you can't get upstairs.

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