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July ONLINE devops Meetup

📣 ATTENTION: We'll be starting at 18:00 sharp.

The Zoom (as linked on this page) will be available to join from 17:50 onwards.

You must RSVP to see the link to the Zoom.


💃 Main talk

"AWS Cloud Development Kit 101" – Sebastian Korfmann (Korfmann Consulting UG, Germany)

The Infrastructure as Code landscape seems to be dominated by declarative approaches such as CloudFormation or Terraform (YAML, JSON or HCL). While that’s perfectly fine for describing your infrastructure as the desired state, it’s just not a lot of fun to stare at 1,000s of lines of YAML. Let alone all the missing features and tooling around imperative languages such as proper dependency management, composable abstractions and testing support.

Let’s explore what the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and its emerging ecosystem has to offer to make defining cloud resources a first class citizen in the software engineering world. We’ll take an example and follow from the first initial steps all the way to a production deployment. Along the way, we’ll take the opportunity to discover essential concepts of the CDK and how it enables you to define your Infrastructure in Typescript, Python, Java or C#. "

⚡️Lightning talks

🎤 "Rolling your own ThousandEyes using Telegraf and T3 instances" – Matthew Zeier (Lacework, USA)
🎤 "Hardening WordPress Security" – Stefan Caliaro
🎤 "Why SRE and DevOps are essential during COVID-19" – Rajalakshmi Srinivasan (Zoho Corp, India)
🎤 "Designing solutions with DevOps mindset" – Isha Dalal (NAB)

Please let Michael and Lindsay know via Meetup if you would like to give a talk!

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