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Let's Taco bout it!


This month, we're going to do something different, because we've been hearing that folks are "zoomed out", and don't want to listen to YAPT (Yet another PowerPoint).

So, we're going to do things a bit differently- bring yourself, a drink, a few tacos and join your fellow cloudaustineers to a session where you bring the questions, discussion points, and we can taco about it!

Examples of things we can chat about:
- Got questions about Docker? Bring it.
- Can't get Kubernetes to work in some weird way? Sure!
- How to keep your 3 year old entertained for more than 30 minutes while you're presenting to a client? YES!
- Question on how to make testing on AWS more seamless? Awesome!
Ideas on how to manage your sanity after being on 6 hours of zoom calls? You bet!
- Discussion on which is better: Taco Deli or Torchys? (Maybe, if we can keep it civil..).
- or whatever is important to you <3

So come on out, it's guaranteed to be fun, educational, and you'll leave with something more than you started with!

See y'all next week!

** Due to COVID, you will need to bring your own taco(s).

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