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London DevOps #54 (Online)

London DevOps returns with a talk, a panel session, and a social event all taking place over Zoom.

Please see speakers and agenda below;

6:00pm - Introductions

6:15pm - Justin Garrison (AWS) - Infrastructure: From Zero to 50 Million Users

Launching a product is stressful for people and infrastructure. Justin will show you what to consider before a big product launch so you can be prepared for the unknown. He will provide examples from his experience running cloud infrastructure for the launch of Disney+. This talk will help you focus on what's important to make your launch a success.

Justin Garrison is a Senior Developer at AWS, but was previously at Disney Streaming Services

6:45pm - Panel Session - Scaling Infrastructure - where do you start and what do you believe?

Your product is launching very soon, and your product people are predicting a massive amount of traffic. Do you believe them? Can you afford not to? Can you rely on your scaling to do the right thing and what do you do if it doesn't? Join us as we follow on from Justin's talk to pick up on some of the interesting and debatable elements of running infrastructure at scale.

Justin Garrison
John Keegan - Hybrid Cloud Consultant working with Department of Work & Pensions
Kevin Schmidt - CTO at Century Tech
Hamed Silatani - Head of Application Services -Reliability Engineering, Application Support, Dev Tools and Monitoring at IG
Marc Cluet - London DevOps Organizer

7:15pm - Social Session

We'll use the Zoom meeting to socalise afterwards - feel free to unmute and turn your video on to say hello.

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