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London DevOps #55 (Online)

London DevOps returns with a talk, a panel session, and a social event all taking place over Zoom.

Please see speakers and agenda below;

6:00pm - Introductions

6:15pm - Max Mongardini (Zopa) - Emotionally Intelligent Teams and Platforms

We can deny it as much as we like but we all are emotional individuals. We feel and interact with other peers' feelings. How do we navigate that?
As managers, how can we define healthy boundaries where, without controlling, we can help our team to grow as engineers and individuals?
As engineers, how do we ensure that we feel productive, appreciated and happy to go to work? (Is that the dream job we are looking for?)
Join me in my ongoing journey of discovery of values and emotional intelligence and see how that even extends to the platforms and systems we manage.

Max Mongardini is the Head of Platforms and SRE

6:45pm - Panel Session

We've had to mix our home lives and work lives through the pandemic to be able to get anything done, and this has proved that respecting the psychological and emotional needs of our people really pays off. A key aspect of getting DevOps right is using empathy and emotional intelligence.

Join us as we follow on from Max's talk to pick up on some of the interesting and debatable elements of using EI to get software delivered effectively and compassionately.

Jean-Michel Garcia - Product Manager, Pivotal Labs, VMware
Paul Markham - Media Infrastructure Architect, Discovery Inc
Sean Turner - Global DevOps (Production Engineering) Team Lead
Simon White - Global Head of Cloud Operations at Karhoo

7:15pm - Social Session

We'll use the Zoom meeting to socalise afterwards - feel free to unmute and turn your video on to say hello.

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