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Making Sense of Measures




Starting as a side project in Python about a year ago, I looked at COVID-19 data from various angles, testing my long experience as a data scientist. Aside from exploration, visualization and mapping we can have a look at what I found when relating mitigation measures to outbreak severity for countries worldwide.

It will show you how these analyses typically become an exercise in interpretation, with all the related pitfalls and limitations. Join Damiaan for a session full of hands on examples showing you the daily practice of working with Python as your tool of choice for analysis. All related material and data is freely available:


Damiaan Zwietering — IBM specialist who spent his career on achieving real world results innovating with information. He was a developer, consultant, architect and sales engineer in the area of data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics before his current position as a developer advocate for data science, specializing in the practical application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Combat loneliness: how hackathons can help revolutionize our society.

Have you heard about Call for Code? THE Tech for Good hackathon you should definitely be involved in. It’s a great way to grow your skills while building a solution to fight back against the most pressing issues of our time: climate change. In the intro of this meetup Bente Acking, founder of TheHeroLoop (2020 Regional Winner in Europe) will share her experience of joining (and winning!) this hackathon.

Bente Acking has worked 20 years within IT as a Developer, Architect, Project Manager and Project Owner in complex global projects, and within different industries. She loves deep tech and is now a serial entrepreneur and founder of a few business startups, among them the awarded TheHeroLoop. TheHeroLoop is an idea that started during Covid-19 to help our world rise from loneliness in a way that is valuable as well as sustainable for individuals, businesses, governments and universities worldwide.


This event is the first out of three hands-on workshops in collaboration with IBM where we give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on the latest technologies. Please note that all the events are independent of each other so you can attend the series or individual sessions.

Part 2:

Part 3:

What is Call for Code?

During this hands-on session we will also introduce you to tech-for-good challenge of its kind: Call for Code. This challenge is calling all developers to build solutions that fight back against the most pressing issues of our time. Topic of this year: climate change. The challenge is created by David Clark Cause with Founding Partner IBM, in partnership with the United Nations Human Rights and The Linux Foundation.


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