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May ONLINE DevOps Meetup

👋Time to break the monotony of COVID-19 induced hibernation with the first online Sydney DevOps Meetup.

This month is lightning talks only.

If you have a 5-10 minute talk about something devops – a tool you started using, a culture transformation problem you're struggling with, some metric that surprised you recently – here is your chance to talk about it.

💃Lighting talks

• "How to thwart your devops transformation with counterinsurgency doctrine" – Lindsay Holmwood (Section)
• OpenShift – Steven Coochin (IBM)
• "5 devops things that have changed because of COVID-19" – Steve Mactaggart (Cevo)
• TBA – Naveen Singh (Cloudflare)

Please contact Lindsay and Michael through Meetup if you have a lightning talk you'd like to present.

🙏Until then, stay healthy and safe.

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