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In recent years companies are using modern techniques (Agile, DevOps, CI/CD) and technologies (Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes) to create new business services as fast as possible. These are critical applications for their business, so they must deliver them with high quality.

Application Performance Management (APM) has become a key element to achieving quality, performance and availability of Modern business-critical applications.

We live in a world where everything is moving fast and the heat is on! Companies are building applications fast and deploy new functionality or fixes multiple times a day.

Using modern techniques and technologies has disrupted Application Performance Management and caused loss of visibility into applications, their performance and availability.

Legacy APM was not built for a dynamic world where services grow and shrink, move around, short lived and constantly changing.

1. Rainer Schuppe from Instana will discuss challenges and solutions to monitoring in the speed of devops.
Rainer Schuppe is an APM and Observability oldtimer. Since the early 2000's he is continuously striving towards the perfect performance monitoring solution that will liberate the developers from the tiresome burden of logscraping, etc. to resolve issues that keep others up at night. He gathered his rich experience at various APM companies and with a huge number of customers that he helped to understand where their software had issues. Having worked in IT as a 1st level support rep, developer, architect, consultant, operator (distributed and mainframe) and generic troubleshooter he can relate to almost any type of issue, problem or challenge that is out there.

2. Gal Levinsky from Mobitech will give Features overview and a customer success story about the usage of Instana APM in a AWS cloud based environment with Billions server calls a day with the following technology stack: Java reactive application servers, nginx web servers, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Spring.

Gal have over 15 years of technological and management leadership. Experienced in web and mobile based applications in Large, SME and startups. Featured blogger in technological sites.

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