Source: London Continuous Delivery

October 2020 Meetup

Join us for an evening of great discussions.

Joining Instructions will be shared on 12th October.

What's the plan?:
18:00 - Welcome and run through the agenda
18:15 Talk
18:45 Q&A with Sylvia
Short break
19:00 Open Space
19:30 Retro and Good Bye

Talk: Continuous Delivery - It’s Not All about Tech by Sylvia MacDonald

Often Continuous Delivery talks are about introducing or improving the technology needed, however, there is a human side to consider too. My story is about how we spotted and removed people related friction from our delivery process. We’ll look at how objective observations, process mapping, and statistics helped us decide where to focus our improvement efforts. We'll also look at some techniques we used to dispel the myths and misconceptions between teams that hindered our Continuous Delivery journey.

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