Dear all,

As some say: "There are no hard times for good ideas"
So we have decided to organize an ONLINE meetup! (Connection information will be shared soon!)

We will have two DevOps stories to share, because we love to hear how different organisations took on the challenges to improve their Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing (CALMS).

What about you?


As usual, you can expect interesting talks with other members of the community, and this time grab a beer and something to bite after the talks and turn on your webcam! :)

The event starts at 19:00 sharp, please try to connect on time!


TALK 1: On the way to DevOps at Infinera
Speaker: Mladen Milev, Engineering Manager

In this talk we will dive into the challenges a global telecom equipment provider encountered in their own R&D and operations divisions while embracing DevOps principles. We will follow-up on a project and its evolution from outsourced software developed under waterfall release cycle into an in-house developed agile and rapid release cycle project, bringing close development, tests and operation/customer.

Mladen works as Internal Product Owner and Engineering Manager on an enterprise grade software solution for Infinera, a global telecom equipment provider. A defender of DevOps practices, he is helping in transforming traditional projects in DevOps enabled products.


TALK 2: "O caminho para o sucesso com DevOps na Fidelidade"
Speaker: Vânia Oliveira Pereira, DevOps Engineer

Nesta talk vamos analisar como foi iniciada e implantada a adoção do DevOps na Fidelidade, uma conhecida empresa de Seguros. Vamos analisar as dificuldades iniciais (implementação de linhas mais inovadoras num mercado mais conservador), as mudanças de cultura, técnicas e de negócio. Também analisaremos o ciclo de desenvolvimento e os objectivos para o futuro.

Vânia pertence à equipa Digital Platforms Management, na área de Arquitetura. Atualmente trabalha para desenvolver o conceito DevOps na empresa. Ela tem um Doutoramento em Ciências de Comunicação (Universidade Lusófona), um Mestrado em Engenharia de informática e Sistema de Informação (Universidade Lusófona), e uma licenciatura em Engenharia de Informática (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa).


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The talks will be recorded and published in the DevOps Lisbon YouTube channel. By signing up for this event you explicitly agree that your image might appear in the video recordings. Nevertheless, you can always get in touch with the organisation ([masked]) to have it removed.

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