DevOps is all about agile transformation, which reaches beyond agile development into production to achieve continuous delivery. DevOps practices provide help for the necessary next step after agile development to leverage the full potential of agile and avoid massive post-delivery changes through the development teams, but before they are ready to go into production.

The challenge is to navigate that DevOps transformation—and make it happen faster and at less risk. The speed and direction of that transformation depend on individual circumstances—for example, the type of technology you have deployed, the shape of your organization structure and processes, and what your overriding business and IT requirements are.

We are honored to have below speakers to be part of our meetup :

1. Yann Rouillard - Head of Infrastructure at OnlinePajak "Developer-Friendly CI/CD for Kubernetes"

2. Harindra W Pradhana - Transformation Officer at PT Bank BTPN "Service Operations Transformation Journey"

Online session: Via Zoom Meeting

Talk Deliver: In English & Bahasa

19.00 - 19.10 --- Preparation & Opening (Announcement)
19.11 - 19.55 --- 1st presentation by Yan Rouillard (including QnA)
19.56 - 20.40 --- 2nd presentation by Harindra Pradhana (including QnA)
20.41 - 20.50 --- Feedback & Closing

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