Join us for the online meetup "TypeScript - JavaScript: The Snyder Cut" with Eamonn Boyle and Garth Gilmour. This GOTO Night is focused on exploring the advanced type system features brought by TypeScript and showing why these features are really useful in day to day coding.

Venue/Host: Zoom
Costs: Free of charge
Speaker: Eamonn Boyle & Garth Gilmour


TypeScript is one of the best examples of pragmatism in our industry. It augments JavaScript with a static type system without compromising the existing syntax or limiting access to the rich ecosystem.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we look deeper, TypeScript is bringing advanced type system features, previously only available in functional languages like Haskell, to the mainstream.

During this GOTO Night, Eamonn and Garth will explore some of those features - structural typing, algebraic types, mapped types, type guards, recursive type definitions etc. They will show why these features are really useful in day to day coding, and why you'll quickly start to miss them elsewhere. But fear not - they will also show how these features are now emerging in other languages too.


4:00pm — Welcome to this GOTO Night with Eamonn Boyle & Garth Gilmour
4:05pm — Eamonn Boyle & Garth Gilmour will present their subject of the day
4:30pm — Live Q&A with Eamonn Boyle & Garth Gilmour
4:55pm — Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night


Eamonn Boyle
Eamonn Boyle has over 15 years working as a developer, architect and team lead. For the last 2.5 years he’s been working as a full-time trainer and coach, authoring and delivering courses on a range of topics to a broad range of delegates. These include paradigms and technologies from core language skills, frameworks to tools and processes. Experienced developer, architect and team lead.

He has also spoken at a number of events and meetups including .NET Developer Guild, BASH and GDG Dublin and aided in the delivery of workshops at KotlinConf, GOTO Amsterdam and RebelCon.

Eamonn enjoys a good film, loves a good debate on current affairs and practicing his photography skills.

Garth Gilmour
Garth Gilmour gave up full time development back in 1999 to teach and mentor full time. Since then he's delivered well over a thousand courses and workshops to all kinds of programmers from all kinds of backgrounds. He started teaching C++ to C coders, then Java to C++ coders, then C# to Java coders and now teaches everything to everybody, but specializes in Kotlin.

Although self-employed for most of this career, he came to roost six years ago as head of learning at Instil. As part of that role he speaks frequently at meetups, presents at conferences and co-organizes the Belfast BASH series of developer events.

When not at the whiteboard he coaches Krav Maga, lifts heavy weights and fights nerf wars with his kids.

Event host: Adele Carpenter, Trifork


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