Howdy y'all. As has become something of a custom, this month will find us running Paytalk. We will also follow up with some open spaces!


For those unfamiliar, we are going to post a google form and ask you to provide anonymous data about your compensation and a few other things. We will then disaggregate the data and look at trends. Over the last few years it has been very exciting to learn both:
* Folks were able to obtain significant pay increases by understanding their value in the market.
* Others, who thought they needed to leave a good job to make more money learned they were compensated in line with their experience and were able to happily remain where they were.

Please fill out the survey here: Remember that even if you cannot attend the more data we have the better we understand the market.

NOTE: We will, as always, destroy the data after the session is over to ensure maximum privacy.

If you'd like the background on this, check out J Paul Reed's blog post where we stole ... er ... borrowed the idea:
Or you can peruse last years iteration here:

Open Spaces - A Micro Conference

With the pandemic still pandemic-ing DevOps Days Texas has stepped up to be a virtual conference and get us our community fix! Part of the experience will be to provide an excellent open space experience. The DoD crew in Chicago pulled this off to great effect.

JJ Asghar will leave directions in the comments below about how to join a Discord server and then will walk us through two (2) open spaces sessions with three (3) rooms each.

This will accomplish three things:

1. We will have topical conversations generated by you!
2. You will get some practice in Discord driven open spaces and be a better participant at DoD Texas.
3. JJ will have a chance to QA the process and tech ahead of DoD Texas so that all the attendees (including you) will have the best possible experience.

Yes, what that means is that you will be enjoying open spaces, learning to participate to your benefit and providing much needed feedback to the community. Win ... win ... win!

Rough Sched

6:00p - 6:10p: Mingle
6:10p - 6:20p: Announcements
6:20p - 6:50p: PayTalk
6:50p - 7:10p: Topic pitches & Discord setup
7:10p - 7:20p: Schedule Scrum
7:20p - 7:45p: First Sessions
7:50p - 8:15p: Second Sessions
8:15p - Closing Sharing

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