PghQA is excited to offer the third installment of How to Write a Good Bug Report (third time's the charm, right?) Bug reporting is an essential skill in software engineering, and yet it is seldom taught. If you've been in the field for more than 5 minutes, you've seen crummy bug reports. If you're lucky, you've seen at least one good one. How can we tell the difference? What elements make a bug report better or worse?

We'll gather for a session on tactics for writing good bug reports. It will be part lecture, part group activity, all fun! Hosted by Steve Gross and Tara Zeigler, we'll learn about common mistakes, clear communication style, providing good evidence, and above all HOW TO WRITE A PROPER BUG REPORT TITLE.

Since we will be viewing example bug reports in this session, we would love some contributions from the community. Feel free to send any good (or bad) example reports to [masked] .

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