6:40 - Welcome - Announcements from the DevOps Community

6:45 - 60 Seconds Each from 5 People That Are Hiring

6:50 - Code for Philly - Projects looking for volunteers

6:55 - First Talk - TBD

7:10 - Google Anthos Demo Presented by Google.
Google Cloud is committed to multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and open standards to help avoid vendor lock-in. With Anthos, you can manage your kubernetes clusters across clouds or in a hybrid environment. In our demo, we will show how you can use Anthos Config Management (ACM) as part of your GitOps automation to provide policy and configuration at scale across clusters in AWS and GCP. We will also show how you can automate your CI/CD processes to deploy across your clusters.

8ish-9 - Hang out and Chat/network

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