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Philly DevOps January Meetup

6:30 - Food and whatnot, Courtesy of Comcast

6:35 - Welcome - Announcements from the DevOps Community

6:40 - 60 Seconds Each from 5 People That Are Hiring

6:45 - A Word from our After-Meetup Sponsor - CircleCi

6:50-7:05 - Talk: Innovation For All, Why Diversity in Open Source Will Lead to Better Products for Everyone

Summary: While the technology industry as a whole has been trying to increase diversity , open source is the one area where it has fallen a bit short. This talk outlines the need for diversity in contribution to open source technology, the numbers behind the diversity gap and why diversity helps to create products that work well for everyone.

Speaker Bio: Quincy Iheme has always had a passion for technology and the industry as a whole, from the time he built his own personal computer from scratch to editing his Myspace page with basic, HTML, and CSS. Since attending an intensive program to learn web development, Quincy enjoys being a Software Engineer at Comcast and a Web Development Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania.
Outside of work, you can find him on some running in some of his favorite obstacle course races!

7:05-8ish - "Visual Regression In Action"

Summary: "John Young, senior technical lead at Think Company, shows some day-to-day use cases on visual regression tools for common use cases. Just like a pull request shows you only the lines of code that changed in a branch, a visual regression test can show you what's changed _visually_. John will show off a bunch of ways to implement that ability -- making it a part of the developer's testing flow, making it a part of Continuous Deployment integration, and making it a part of QA. We'll collaborate on a reference implementation, and we'll discuss some important prerequisites that "unlock" the power of visual regression.

8:10 - After-Meetup Drinks Sponsored by CircleCI

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