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6:40 - Welcome - Announcements from the DevOps Community

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6:55ish - Short talk TBD - Please reach out if you'd like to speak.


HashiCorp Nomad and the Nomad Autoscaler - Luiz Aoqui

What does a thermostat have to do to cluster scaling?

These two seemingly unrelated activities can have a lot in common. At its core, they are based on the idea of a close loop control system. These types of system are surprisingly powerful and flexible, being able to control and be adapted to different use cases and scenarios.

In this talk we will dive into the HashiCorp Nomad Autoscaler, explaining what it does, how it works, and lessons learned during its implementation. We will talk about control systems, application metrics, distributed systems, and more.

8-9 Freeform chat / networking

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