Link will be sent out a bit after 6 on the day of the event to those that have RSVP'd Yes.

6:30 - Sort out your technical issues. BYOB

6:40 - Welcome - Announcements from the DevOps Community

6:45 - 60 Seconds Each from 5 People That Are Hiring

6:50 - Title: OpenShift - making the Kubernetes experience easier

Abstract: During this presentation, you will be learning about what OpenShift is, the purpose of it, and how exactly it works. There will be a demo showing how to create a highly available and managed OpenShift cluster with a click of a button.

Bio: Danielle Malamut is a Cloud Platform Technical Solutions Specialist at IBM for the Industrial Market. On a daily basis, Danielle engages with Automotive, Technology, and Manufacturing clients helping them progress their Cloud infrastructure. Before working at IBM, Danielle was a Quality Assurance Analyst at a Computer Software company. Danielle has a BS in Computer Science & Information Systems from Stockton University and is passionate about Cloud Computing.

7:25 - Second Talk - TBD

8:10 - After-Meetup Drinks Sponsored by TBD

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