Charity's talk is postponed due to laptop problems.

Talk: 'Putting the CD back in CI/CD' by Charity Majors

Description: "It's time to fulfill the promise of continuous delivery. Everybody says "CI/CD" all the time, but they really just mean CI. CD never gets mentioned or implemented. This needs to stop being an extremist idea and start being bread and butter, because it's the only way to dig yourself out of all this firefighting and hellhole of a system.

Speaker: "Putting the CD back in CI/CD" by Charity Majors - CTO and Co-founder, Honeycomb

4:00 pm Introductions
4:05 pm Talk: "Putting the CD back in CI/CD" by Charity Majors, CTO of Honeycomb
4:45 pm Q&A
4:55 pm Raffle

This "Monitoring and Remediation" series features talks from a variety of innovators sharing how they approach monitoring and remediation.

Organizers: Dave Nielsen & Mahesh Kumar

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