Join us in this free 1-hour “Reactive Programming” Masterclass Taster hosted by Trifork’s software engineer, Adele Carpenter and led by GOTO expert and Reactive guru, Oleh Dokuka. During this session, you’ll learn about Reactive Programming, Reactive Streams and Project Reactor API usage & application.

Do you think you are good at Reactive Programming?
Do you use Project Reactor and feel confident about it?
Are you just new to all these topics but you are curious enough and would like to test the flavor of the library before using it at production?

Then this Reactor Puzzler is for you. During this highly interactive session, participants will answer some questions in the form of a survey, while also solving coding puzzles. Everyone will then discuss the answers, test their Reactor knowledge and learn interesting details about Reactor.

Date: June 17, 10am-11am BST
Venue/Host: Zoom
Costs: Free of Charge
Expert: Oleh Dokuka
Event Host: Adele Carpenter


Oleh Dokuka is an experienced Software Engineer, Java Champion and one of the top contributors to Project Reactor and Spring Framework. He knows the internals of both frameworks very well and advocates reactive programming with Project Reactor on a daily basis. Along with that, the author applies Spring Framework and Project Reactor in software development, so he knows how to build reactive systems using these technologies.


Adele is a Software Engineer at Trifork Amsterdam, where she is working on backend systems for the educational sector. Most of her work day is spent in the JVM/Spring ecosystems. Adele got the coding bug later in life but since then has been making up for lost time, going from command line n00b to employed software engineer in just one year. Her experiences both in and out of tech have given her a unique perspective on the art of programming together with humans, which she hopes is useful to other humans who program with humans.


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