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Talk: Realtime Data Observability For Microservices - A Call To Arms

Abstract - If you’re looking at services mainly through the lens of latencies, throughput and errors, you’re not doing it right. Today’s complex and rapidly evolving microservice stacks require understanding services on a much deeper level. Understanding the data that connects services is an absolute must. In this talk, we will discuss this critical need, and how some exciting new technologies like service meshes can serve as the foundation for building the next generation of microservices observability.

Speaker Bio - Nilesh Dalvi is the co-founder and CTO of Layer 9, the world’s first data observability company. Before starting Layer 9, he was the Head of Trust Infrastructure at Airbnb. Previously he co-founded Trooly (acquired by Airbnb) and was a research scientist at Facebook and Yahoo. He received his PhD from the University of Washington and was actively involved in academic research in Machine Learning and Data Management. He has published over 50 conference and journal articles and has over a dozen key patents in the field. View more on Linkedin:

4:00 pm Introductions
4:05 pm Talk - "Realtime Data Observability For Microservices - A Call To Arms" by Nilesh Dalvi of Layer 9
4:45 pm Q&A
4:55 pm Raffle

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The "Monitoring and Remediation" series features talks from a variety of innovators sharing how they approach monitoring and remediation. Organizers: Dave Nielsen & Mahesh Kumar

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