Dear Kubernauts,

It's been a couple of years since our last gathering and it's about time! Save the date, because the Kubernetes London Meetup is back in town!

Please join us on Wednesday, 23rd November for a night of great talks, community updates, and a raffle where you could win tickets for the next KCD UK.

Agenda for the night:
Arrive at 6 pm
6:20 pm: Intro
6:35 pm: [Matthias Luebken](, from Upbound, "Building an Internal Platform with Crossplane".
6:55 pm: [Eddie](, from Chainguard, "Building Declarative Containers, Wolfi OS"
7:15 Break 🍕
7:40 pm: [James Laverack](, from Jetstack, "Building Operators for Legacy Software or: Running Minecraft on Kubernetes".
8 pm: 🍻


**Building an Internal Platform with Crossplane**, by [Matthias Luebken](

There are many cloud services to choose from, and new ones arrive on a daily basis. Organizations struggle to enable teams while maintaining an internal platform that can be managed and updated continuously. Crossplane solves this by leveraging Kubernetes and letting teams use, compose and share infrastructure services like from AWS as Kubernetes objects. In this talk, I will introduce the core concepts of []( an Open-Source project from the CNCF.
I’ll show how organizations can build their own internal platform and provide a custom API for public clouds and other services.

**Building Declarative Containers**, Wolfi OS. By [Eddie Zaneski](

Chainguard is building open source tools to help secure your software supply chain. Learn how you can improve the security of your containers by using the Wolfi base image for your workloads and how to use apko and Melange to declaratively build containers.

Eddie is a Software Engineer at Chainguard and lives in Denver, CO with his wife and dog. He loves open source and works on the Kubernetes and Sigstore projects. When not hacking on random things you'll most likely find him climbing a mountain.

If you would like to speak at or sponsor our meetup, [please fill out this form](

This event would not be possible without our marvellous sponsor: Monzo 🎉

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