Source: GOTO Nights - London, UK

Retrospectives Antipatterns


This GOTO night is focused on what can go wrong at retrospectives and how to avoid it, or remedy it, if you find yourself in a bad situation. It is audience-driven, so you're expected to come up with questions that Aino will then answer during the 45 minutes you have together. To get you started, Aino will pose the following questions herself, and answer them herself: Who should you invite to a retrospective? What is the prime directive and why it is important? What skills do you need in order to be a good facilitator?

We would love you to join with your questions which you can ask by unmuting yourself or through the chat. We love to see face so join us in turning on the camera :)

Aino Corry is a teacher, a technical conference editor and retrospectives facilitator. She holds a masters degree and a ph.d. in computer science. She has 12 years of experience with patterns in software development, and 10+ years' experience with facilitation of retrospectives. For the past 5 years she has been focused on facilitating the agile journey for several companies in Denmark. She also teaches how to teach computer science to teachers, and thus lives up to the name of her company; Metadeveloper. She is always interested in hearing anecdotes about octopuses.

For a deeper knowledge about the challenges with facilitating distributed retrospectives, swing by our off-season masterclasses page:


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